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Clean Offices Help to Attract, Hire & Retain Talent in the Tight San Diego Market

Hire a Cleaning Company to Help Fight Through Below 3% Unemployement

dirty break room

With San Diego’s Unemployment rate at the lowest it has been in over a decade ( see the Department of Labor’s official report here ), it’s now more important than ever that your business:

  • Makes a Great First Impression on Potential Hires
  • Shows a Commitment to the Quality of Your Employee’s “Second Home”
  • Makes Your Team Feel Appreciated ( & STAY!)

Let’s discuss how a professionally cleaned office goes a long way toward checking all of these boxes on your list.

Great First Impression

If you are trying to impress an applicant who has multiple options for his or her next position, why not put your company’s best foot forward with clean windows, polished or deep cleaned floors, a sparking clean break room and a clean bathroom.

They are imagining spending most of their waking hours in your office and you want them to get that comfy feeling that only a shiny clean office can provide.

A Nice “Second Home”

With full time employees spending more time at work than hours awake at home with their family, providing them with a clean, sanitary workplace is not a lot to ask from their employer. Even the biggest slobs amongst us would love to have someone clean up after them and certainly appreciate an employer that looks after them.

Your Team Feels Appreciated

You could assign the janitorial chores to the “New Guy” or depend on the clean freaks to do it for you since they are the most bothered, but you may end up paying a lot more for the cleaning than you bargained as they leave your company for a nicer, cleaner, more caring employer’s business.  Your team didn’t go to college or prepare themselves as a professional to spend every Friday afternoon lightly cleaning out the break room fridge while they vigorously complain about their peers.

We’re not saying that a professionally cleaned office will magically fill all your outstanding positions or prevent valuable employees from leaving for a more sparking new employer, but as with dating and marriage – you only have one chance to make a first impression and divorces are very expensive.

For the small amount of money it costs to hire professionals, even the smallest improvement from a HR perspective, will more than pay for the work.


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